Sorry, at this time we are not allowing videos to be uploaded, purely because of their size.  We are looking at doing this further down the line, and it will be really easy for you to upload them.  But not yet.
Hush VIP uses a system for paying you your commission at the end of the set period.  As this site is adult orientated, it can only go through Stripe's payment gate way.  Alas, PayPal does not allow this kind of content. Therefore when you sign up, you will be greeted with a question about your Stripe details. Setting up Stripe is easy, and extremely secure. You can even get a free App from them, to see what money you are making from your phone.
Absolutely.  We actually recommend it, as a way to promote yourself, for those who might then want to buy your more premium photos. Just enter £0.00 as the price. Note you can charge as little or as much as you like, per photo.  It's in your power!
Yes.  There is no moderation for your store.  Just setup a store, and away you go.  Promote it here, promote it anywhere.  There are no restrictions on any promotion at all.  Sign up for your free trial, and go for it.
No sorry.  This website is for secure payment only, to keep it age-restricted.  So you can only accept payments to your PayPal ( or Stripe ( accounts. Not cheque.  Not cash.
There is a 'Thumbnails' photo to upload.  This is the 'preview'... so be careful not to "show too much". That's what is seen in category pages, search pages and on the main product page. Further down after the Descriptions is where you 'Add File' - that is your "selling image"... what your buyer will be sent when they pay you.  You can go "all out" with that image!
Most members charge between £5 and £20 but this can be set at any amount you prefer the price can be changed at anytime.
When you subscribe to the VIP Store, you are asked to enter your Stripe Connect details.  This is simple your Stripe login details.  This means, for each item you sell, you will earn your percentage for that sale.
You will have to promote your page and personal link on anything you prefer, mainly social media pages and word of mouth (maybe - become featured on out main page
Social media is the best way to promote your account and to help it grow, with Twitter being the most popular option. You can even create an anonymous Twitter account, without any of your personal details on so that you can advertise in secret. However, if you do not wish to promote your account at all, you can attract followers by featuring on the homepage. (Maybe)